About Deborah

Deborah Wallace is a writer, blogger and the author of children’s adventure stories for the over nines. She lives in Biggin Hill, Kent with her husband, their two boys, two dogs and five chickens.

Deborah’s main character is 11 year old Marnie Shaw, a Second World War evacuee. The inspiration for Marnie is Deborah’s own mother, Margaret Thomson, nee Burtenshaw (see post The Real Marnie Shaw), although the stories themselves are purely fictional.

In Marnie Shaw and the Mystery of Yapton Farm she leaves London in January 1941 after her family are bombed out of their home. She moves to her grandparents’ home on the south coast of England, and there, with her cousin Jake, embarks on an amazing adventure, where her life becomes entwined with a British agent working in Nazi occupied Paris and a strange man living in a disserted farm house.

In Marnie Shaw and the Vanishing Man Marnie moves away from her grandparents’ house to attend St Agnes’s School for Girls. There she makes new friends and soon finds herself linked to the fate of a Jewish scientist, who fled Nazi Germany before the war for asylum in England.

Deborah is currently seeking representation and publication.


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