The rich, royal hue dominated the room with a tangible menace that was overpowering. The room may have been called beautiful once, when crimson was the colour of choice for extravagant lifestyles, set against dark wood and candlelight, accompanied by lavish costumes and music. But those times had passed, replaced by a lesser clientele.… Continue reading Red

The meaning of colour

Last night I attended a concert by the Bromley Symphony Orchestra with my lovely dad and my eldest son. As well as The London Symphony and some Rachmaninov they performed The Colour Symphony by Bliss. As I watched the normally darkly dressed musicians play this beautiful piece of music wearing blues, purples, reds and greens… Continue reading The meaning of colour

The joy of just listening 

Today I’m in London for an appointment so I’m making the most of being in the capital by arriving a bit early and having a nice lunch. Although London is only a train ride away, I rarely make the journey unless I have to. I’m too much of a country girl to venture into the… Continue reading The joy of just listening 

One year on… 

A year ago I started this blog, along with a Facebook Page  and Twitter feed to give myself a stronger online presence for my writing. My first blog post looked back over 2015, a year I will never forget. The year had low points, including a cancer diagnosis, and high points, finishing a first draft of my first… Continue reading One year on…